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Here you can find a list of pubblication from MarLab, with the link to it.
Depending to your access permission, you can be allowed to download them. In case you are not able to, please feel free to ask for the publication
Zaccaroni, A., Andreini, R., Franzellitti, S., Barceló, D., & Eljarrat, E. (2018). Halogenated flame retardants in stranded sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) from the Mediterranean Sea. Science of the Total Environment635, 892-900.


Andreini, R.*,Eljarrat, E., Barceló, D., Franzellitti, S., Zaccaroni, A. Fireproof sperm whales: flame retardants in tissues of stranded animals.

Fabbri, G.*, Rubio Garcia, A., Salazar-Cassals, A., Arriba-Garcia, A., Zaccaroni, A Feces as non-invasive tool to predict trace elements exposure in seals. Zaccaroni, A*, Hoseini, S-H, Namroodi, S, Shirazi, A S Trace elements exposure in Caspian seals: threat to conservation?

van Elk, C.E.*, Mercera, B.*, Mellin, M., Garcia Hartmann, M., Zaccaroni, A. Case report of a bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) with Cushing’s disease.

Manuel Garcia Hartmann, M.*, Ferreira, M., Eira, C., Vingada, J., Zaccaroni, A., Bento, C., Pereira A. T. Rehabilitation of a stranded Risso’s dolphin: A case report.

Bolcioni, G.*, Zaccaroni, A., Garcia Hartmann, M. First morphological description of white blood cells in captive bottlenose dolphins.

Zaccaroni, A., Oesterwind, M., Hartmann, M.G. When experience matters……….. MarLab