About us-MarLab

About us

MarLab is a non-profit non-governmental association with the aim of aiding nature conservation. It thrives to support conservation by linking knowledge with field demands, by supporting diffusion of most recent scientific knowledge, by promoting basic research and through the development of new research technologies in the field of wildlife biology, health and welfare.
Marlab was created in 2017 by a group of University researchers and veterinarians and its work is not limited to a specific geographic area, as we collaborate with many other Institutions all over the world. Our main target species are wildlife, mainly marine ones.
The origin of MarLab comes from the awarness that in many countries and conservation projects there is the need for innovative solutions and approaches. Some of these solutions are available only to a few research groups, mainly at universities. In other situations, basic research is only a few steps from becoming a practical tool, but with the lack of significant commercial outcome such research is not pursued.
 MarLab intends to close these gaps, by putting partners of field conservation projects in touch with researchers, by carrying out basic research where needed and by supporting conservation by all means available to the multidisciplinary team of MarLab.